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Research & Development

Innovative product with exquisite craftmanship
High Speed Rail Type Horizontal Tool Magazine
─ Highest Award for Components 2013 Grand Champion

Hongju brand new 50#-60T Horizontal Big Rail Tool Magazine is a craftsmanship revolution product. Its clamp-ahead mechanism uses cam to avoid tool drop caused by tool arm pull tool without clamping mechanism in between. Center-less circular motion reduces structural vibration caused by inertia when high speed indexing.

ISO 50 Tool change time: 2 sec, Max. tool weight: 30kgs Max. tool length: 600mm
  • Driven by servo motor, high efficiency and reliability
  • Using cam mechanism to precisely hold the tool arborbefore the tool exchange arm claw reaches the tool, avoiding tool drop.
  • Center-less circular motion reduces structural vibration caused by the inertia when high speed indexing. Max. tool length: 600mm
  • The chain-driven, large center-less plate features free fall downwards rotation without any interference. It utilizes the self-mass and large span gravity to balance the maximum vibration point for the optimum smoothness.
  • The floor-type system is installed beside the horizontal machining center’s APC unit. Free from side-bending force that affects the static accuracy of machine column (Y axis) or major structure.
  • Double Tool Arm Support design features ultra high speed tool change time of 2 seconds. The allowed maximum tool weight is 30 kgs even the tool change arm is just one side loaded.
  • Extremely low vibration when high speed rotation, the performance for high accuracy deep hole boring may reach up to 250mm depth with satisfactory result.
High Efficiency Frequency-Conversion Yield-Ahead Tool Magazine
─ CNC Machine Tool Key Components 2015 Excellence

Its main features is to reduce the impact to spindle caused by tool arm clamping, tool back while tool change. Solve the conflict problem between components like magazine, spindle, cylinder, and tool arbor etc., to extend the life time of spindle and ATC mechanism.

Structural Design

By changing the ATC cam curve to increase the cam yield curve, it solves the problem of reaction force back to spindle caused by clamping force to the tool arm. The tool claw type and structure is also changed to upgrade its reliability and correctness under harsh environment.

This design changes the machining procedure of ATC continuous cam and flat cam by loading one time and complete machining one time to upgrade the motion error from ±30 point to ±10 point, 3 times more precise.The application of double-motor single-frequency-conversion makesthe disk type magazine to be more reliable and reduce after service ratio without extra cost, creating the highest value for customer.