Chen Zhongping, Secretary General of TMBA Taiwan Machine Tool and Components Industry Association, issued the "Energy Saving Label"
Sustainable POJU|3 Products in Tool-Magazine and Spindle Categories Passed the Energy Label Certification for Machine Tool Industry
POJU group has long emphasized the energy-saving and carbon-reduction issues, implementing ESG sustainable guidelines, and practicing #green transformation.
We also appreciate the efforts of TMBA, which has continuously enhanced the industry's visibility in the international market.
The products that passed the certification will also be exhibited at the TMTS at the end of the month. #POJU sincerely invite you to come and visit.

▲POJU Exhibition information for 2024▲
For the TMTS exhibition, POJU will be in Taipeifrom March 27th, 2024 to March 31st, 2024|Booth:Q0324-1F, Nangang Hall 2.
For the ITES exhibition, POJU will be inShenzhen from March 28th, 2024 to March 31st, 2024|Booth:7-P01, Shenzhen World Exhibition(Bao'an)
Hongju Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Obtained the TMBA Machine Tool Industry Energy Saving Label Completed ISO14064-1 greenhouse gas inventory Passed ISO14064-1 greenhouse gas verification Implement ESG sustainable carbon reduction actions
Our company is the tool magazine and spindle R&D center of POJU Group. It mainly supplies various tool magazines, cam box (ATC) and spindles required by machine tool manufacturers.
Expansion of POJU, “Anhui Dongju” completed and in use, POJU group expands new standard production line factory.
Expansion of POJU, “Anhui Dongju” completed and in use
| Holiday Announcement|Wish a happy Mid-Autumn Festival
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