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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Five Core Values Of The Group

POJU Group commits to creating a safe, healthy, and fair working environment with our five core values. We hope to create a quality environment where employees can work happily and enjoy their life. Our employees can reach the balance between their bodies and mind, and live a quality family life. Our working environment enables employees to work at ease and to realize their potential, and grow together with the various businesses of POJU Group.

Contribute & Participate to Community

Well-established System & Employee Benefits

Sanitary Environment & Occupational Safety

Caring For Employees & Cultivating Talents

Eco-friendly & Saving Resources


The various businesses of POJU Group have been successive established since 1993. They have been through 20 years and merged into a group company in 2017. As a professional spindle and tool magazine manufacturer, in addition to cooperate with foreign advanced technology, we constantly strive for excellence and improvement; promote innovation and manufacturing ability. POJU Group also takes corporate social responsibility as one of the core concepts of sustainable management.

Industry-academia Cooperation, Interns Training Program, Industry-university Experience exchange Lecture

Well-established System& Employee Benefits

POJU Group attaches great importance to employees, and respects human rights, and creates a workplace ecology that is open, safe, healthy, equal, and free from discrimination. The company complies with relevant labor laws and international human rights conventions, and promises to create a good working environment so that every employee can fully utilize their talents.

We select, nurture, and retain outstanding talents, and provide transparent salary structure and performance bonuses. POJU provides free lunch, has a nursing room, and offers an excellent employee welfare system. In addition, a fixed percentage of monthly allowances are used as employee benefits, which are used for welfare measures such as holiday bonus for the three Chinese holidays, cash gifts for employees’ birthday, travel subsidy, and community activities to ensure the quality of life of all colleagues.

Free Lunch, Well-established Welfare System, Staff Travel Dinner

Sanitary Environment & Occupational Safety

In order to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for employees, POJU Group has an “Occupational Safety Management Plan”. The working environment and facilities are in compliance with the Labor Safety and Health Act, implementing environmental safety and health management related matters, and make sure the workplaces are checked regularly. Fire drills are held regularly. Disclose precautions at relevant locations where danger may occur. When newcomers arrive, they will receive labor safety and health education and training programs. Labor safety and hygiene lectures, stacker, and crane operation education for employees are held every year to ensure occupational safety and health.

Air-conditioned Workshops and Large Ceiling Fans, Industrial Safety Course and Fire Drills, Regular Staff Health Checkups

Caring For Employees & Cultivating Talents

POJU cares for the health of the colleagues, and regularly holds staff health checkups and checks drinking water quality. We attach importance to the health problems of employees, and holding health talks and publicity from time to time.

Based on the spirit of education and cultivation of employees, with external environmental trends, company management policies, departmental performance targets and employees' personal growth need, POJU Group builds up a comprehensive education and training system, which will enable employees' personal career development and improves overall work performance simultaneously.

Regular Counseling Courses By Industry Consultants, executive cadre intensive courses, weekly training

Eco-friendly& Saving Resources

The Group's policy sticks to the concept of "sustainable management". Throughout the years, it has integrated "environmental protection", "safety" and "health" into corporate culture, operational principles and work processes. POJU has also adopted paperless operations during the process of product development. POJU pursues zero work injuries, zero accidents and zero damage to the environment. Thoroughly implement environmental protection policy. ISO processes and international certifications are implemented to follow the international industry standards to enhance corporate environmental awareness.

Innovation to network connection causes paperless…, which not only improves process flow to intelligent production, but also protects natural resource and welfare to our next generation.

Energy conservation and environmental protection practices

  • Set up warning signs in various places
  • Set the temperature of all air conditioners to 27 to28 degrees
  • Turn off light when leaving for whole plant area
  • Turn off the lights during lunch break
  • Turn off the extension cord while leaving
  • Paper-free office
  • Resources recycling
  • Inverter room air conditioner
  • Utilize Rain and wastewater diversion system to reduce water waste
  • LED lights equip with motion sensors
  • Execute machine network to go paperless in the process of develop products